T E R M S   O F   U S E


  • Purchase of digital files does not transfer ownership, rights for reproduction, or rights for resale.
  • Files are for personal use only and may not be distributed or used for any type of resale, licensing, or commercial use.
  • They may not be edited, modified, used to create derivative works, or used on products for sale.
  • They may not be sold or used for giveaways, logos, websites, etc.
  • Using them in any way without artists permission is in direct violation of copyright laws.

E X T E N D E D   L I C E N S I N G

If you are interested in using some of our designs for a project, public exposal, or for commercial licensing, please contact us for details and copyright authorization.

F R E E   D E S I G N   R E S O U R C E S

The downloadable resources supplied on Dennson.com are freely available for use in your personal and commercial design projects. However, they are released under the Creative Commons licence, and there are some limitations to what you may or may not do.


  • Use the resources in your personal work, in whole or part.
  • Use the resources in your commercial work, in whole or part.
  • Modify or adapt the resources to create derivative works.
  • Share the resources with others, under the following terms:
    • Link to the resource webpage, not the actual download file.
    • Use an excerpt from the webpage if necessary (don’t copy the full article and paste it on your own website)


  • You can NOT sell the resources directly for profit (eg. Selling the assets as a product on stock resource websites)
  • You can NOT make the resource files available for download outside of Dennson.com. (Link to the webpage, not the download file)

C R E D I T / A T T R I B U T I O N

A credit or attribution to Dennson.com is not mandatory, but is very much appreciated. It’s not always convenient to add a credit or attribution to your design work, but there are alternative options:

  • Link to Dennson.com from your website or blog.
  • Spread the word about Dennson.com on social media.
  • Use the ‘share’ buttons to recommend a page to others.

D E S I G N   T U T O R I A L S

The tutorials on Dennson.com are freely available for users to follow and learn from. You are welcome to use the materials we provided for tutorial, as well as any artwork you have produced from the tutorial, in your personal and commercial design work.
Articles and tutorials may NOT be reproduced without permission (this includes translation of the articles in different languages).