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Free Blueprints Tutorial

In our today’s post we are going to talk about where to find free blueprints which you can use to create interesting art, as we explained in our “Blueprint Art” tutorial.

We’ll start with web place

find free blueprints at

Here you can find nice selection of car blueprints. You need to register, and then you can download raster images for free. All vector art needs to be paid for.

Then, there is, my personal favourite.

find free blueprints at

They have car blueprints, aircrafts, army vehicles, weapons, and many more. Here everything if completely free, and you don’t even have to register. Most blueprints come in big resolution, and are pretty sharp.

There is also a list with links to 3D modeling sites and forums, where you can find more modeling materials and plans, including blueprints.

Third place is

find free blueprints at

They have the biggest blueprint database. You have to register in order to be able to download raster images, and vectors are payable.

There is a little trick though, which will allow you to download better quality images, and all without registering.

It is only possible with vector drawings, so first click on Vector Drawings menu, then choose one drawing, and then right click on image and select “open image in new window”.

Then, all you have to do is to change “mid” at the ent to “orig”, and hit enter.

the blueprints small

You will be presented with the same image, but this time in much higher resolution.

the blueprints large

Now that we revealed couple of places where you can find free blueprints, you only have to choose a blueprint of your favourite car or plane, and make some awesome art out of it.

Please, comment if you liked our free blueprints tutorial, and send us a link of your new art piece hanging on your home or office wall.